Earth Sciences

Earth Sciences cover a wide range of scientific disciplines that conduct research on the detailed characterization of geological materials. Scanning electron microscopy is a vital tool in this field and provides high resolving power as well as several analytical capabilities. Secondary electron imaging is essential in micropaleontology where topology is so important while backscattered electron imaging and analytical capabilities are more relevant in mineralogy, petrology and economic geology. The TESCAN portfolio offers dedicated instruments which are capable of satisfying the many demands of specific and general geological applications.
Petrology & Mineralogy - Petrology & Mineralogy are focused on the study of solid rocks and minerals. Most of these materials show a wide range of mineral species and very fine structures. Identification of the individual minerals is crucial for both branches. Scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis offer solutions for this problem. They provide information about the morphology in addition to the chemistry of individual grains.
Palaeontology - Palaeontology is a branch of geology focused on the study of remnants of ancient live forms preserved in rocks.
Ore processing - Ore processing or extractive metallurgy is an integral part of the mining industry. It is focused on extracting metals from their natural ores. Ore characterization using mineralogy is of crucial importance in all branches of mineral processing.
Oil & Gas - Oil & Gas is a specific field of applied geology that combines economic and structural geology with methods of mineralogy, palaeontology and sedimentology. The mineralogical, structural and palaeontological capabilities of scanning electron microscopy provide a wide range of tools that are widely used in reservoir rock characterization.
Recycling - The basic principles of Automated Mineralogy based on the identification and quantification of solid phases by their composition determined from a combination of X-ray spectra (EDS) and backscattered electrons (BSE) enables its wide use in many other areas besides the mining industry and earth science research.