TESCAN offers a select group of scientific instruments that stand out for their unique and exceptional characteristics and analytical capabilities.  TESCAN portfolio includes thermionic emission SEM systems (W or LaB6 heated filament), high-resolution and ultra-high resolution Schottky field emission SEMs (MIRA3 and MAIA3 respectively). For sample modification, TESCAN offers high-performance dual beam FIB-SEM platforms that can be fitted with either a Ga ion source FIB column for challenging nanoengineering tasks, or with a Xe plasma FIB source for all those applications that require milling at large-scales.

The development of unique solutions for SEM and FIB-SEM is one of TESCAN specialities. These include a unique correlative Raman imaging and SEM (RISE), an integral solution for automated mineralogy (TIMA X with AutoLoader), and MIRA3 AMU, a unique microscope equipped with an extraordinarily large chamber. In the field quantitative phase imaging, TESCAN Q-PHASE represents a unique dedicated solution for research in cell biology. A wide range of dedicated detectors for implementing a variety of analytical techniques, and, diverse accessories to improve performance or extend the capabilities of our microscopes are also part of TESCAN portfolio.