Scanning electron microscopy is a well-known non-destructive technique that uses an electron beam probe to analyse samples surface down to nano-scale. The scanning electron microscopes produce high magnification images with high resolution, a feature of which makes them suitable tools for a wide range of applications in numerous fields of science and industry.
TESCAN portfolio includes high-performance thermionic emission SEM systems equipped with heated tungsten cathode or LaB6 filament (VEGA3 series), an option which offers greatness brightness, improved resolution, and longer cathode lifetime compared to W sources.

TESCAN also offers field emission (FE) SEM systems equipped with high brightness Schottky emitter for achieving high-resolution and low-noise imaging. MIRA3 is a high-resolution FE-SEM while MAIA3 model 2016 is an ultra-high resolution (UHR) FE-SEM.