Extraordinary ultra-high resolution imaging and extremely fast micromachining
Ultra-fast micro-/nano- FIB machining, ultra-high resolution, reliable microanalysis or complex 3D analytical reconstructions, XEIA3 stands out as the ideal turnkey FIB-SEM system that offers all these capabilities in one single and unique instrument with excellent performance.
With the new XEIA3, TESCAN delivers not only an instrument top of its class, but also fulfils its commitment to continue helping researchers push science and development forward. This is also reflected in the careful customisation of every system in order to meet the specific needs of every customer. From materials to life sciences or from engineering to the semiconductor industry, TESCAN guarantees high-performance systems without any compromises.

Key Features

  • A unique combination of a three-lens objective and crossover-free mode
  • Sub-nanometre resolution: 0.7 nm at 15 keV
  • Ultimate ultra-high resolution: 1 nm at 1 keV
  • New Schottky FE gun now enables beam currents up to 400 nA and rapid beam energy changes
  • Ideal solution for inspection of the latest technology nodes in advanced failure analysis processes
  • Ideal for imaging delicate biological specimens
  • Imaging of magnetic samples possible

Documents for download

XEIA3 Brochure
Extraordinary ultra-high resolution imaging and extremely fast micromachining. Download XEIA3 brochure!